Living Providentially, Part 2: Failing Smart – Proverbs 20:24, Romans 8:28

failure“A person’s steps are from the Lord; how then can people understand their path?” (Proverbs 20:24,CEB).

“We know that God works all things together for good for the ones who love God, for those who are called according to his purpose” (Romans 8:28, CEB).

According to the Apostle Paul in Romans 8:28, our steps are indeed from the Lord and we can know and understand God’s will and where He is leading us. We can live providentially.

But, when things go bad, we act like it won’t work out. We don’t believe these bad things can be part of the “all” things that work together for good.

There are many reasons for our unbelief, not the least of which may be fear of failure–the fear that our spiritual failures prove that we’re not spiritual enough to know and understand where God is leading us.

So, how can we possibly live providentially, how can we accomplish God’s will when all these bad things happen to us?

There’s no single explanation for the bad things that happen to us. These bad things may be the consequences of our own sin and selfishness, the evil one tempting us, God testing us, or just the result of living in a fallen world.

Nevertheless, when these bad things happen, we often feel like spiritual failures. But Romans 8:28 assures us that we can at least fail smart.

Smart failure is the ability to grow from your bad experience. God always gives do-overs to those who are called according to His purpose. So, bad experiences provide opportunities for spiritual growth when you lean harder on Him to take you through your bad experience.

And, smart failure provides an occasion to acquire a deeper understanding of God and re-focus on His will for you when you come to see beyond your bad experience to the ultimate goal God has set for you.

So, if you’re going to fail spiritually, then at least fail smart! And, your spiritual failure will become your spiritual growth!

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