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MillsPromoPhotoSteve has a passion for understanding and teaching the Bible.

Steven C. Mills lives in Oklahoma where he is employed as executive director or a non-profit regional development organization. He is married to Tami and the proud grandparent of six grandchildren, two of whom he is raising.

Steve has been a Sunday school teacher, youth minister, school teacher, and college administrator and professor. As a research professor at a major university, he conducted research on improving learning in the classroom using computer technology and has written journal articles and authored textbooks on the subject. As the CEO of an extended college campus he lead an initiative to design, develop and build a new campus.

He has also been a public school administrator and computer technology instructor. He has a Ph.D. in Instructional Psychology and Technology and a Masters degree in Christian Education.

His first book, The Kingdom Order: Living for the Future in the Present, is intended to help readers develop a better understanding of the Christian faith from the perspective of Jesus’ teachings about the kingdom of God. Find out more at the book’s Facebook page, The Kingdom Order: Living for the Future in the Present.

Steve also blogs about about his life as a grandparent raising two young children at Poppy’s New Adventure.

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Steve – I’ve written a memoir for my kids – it contains the image of a man leaning over a child in sculpture fashion that seems to be in your book (I found this through reverse image search). I’m seeking your permission to use this image if its yours – if not, can you tell me whose it is so that I can get their permission. Thank you!

    • It’s not my image. I use a lot of images on my blogs and since they are public and free I generally don’t source the images. If you found it on one of my web pages I’m sure I got it from another source. Thanks.

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