The Perfect Way – 2 Samuel 22:31,33

One-Way-Traffic-Sign“God–His way is perfect…He makes my way perfect.” (2 Samuel 22:31,33, HCSB).

Do you ever wonder if you are doing the right thing? If you are accomplishing God’s will in your life?

2 Samuel 22 is a song of thanksgiving composed by King David. It is very similar to Psalm 18. So these two verses are also found in Psalm 18:30,32.

In these verses David reasons that God’s ways are perfect and by following God’s own way it makes his own way perfect. David declares that God illuminates the way he should follow and God also enables David to follow in His way.

God’s creative and redemptive activity in the universe is purposeful and is manifested to lead people to His truth, His will, His way. So God illuminates the way to Himself and, in so doing, makes His way perfect!

God’s will is the perfect way. When you make doing God’s will your own will, then you are going in the right direction, doing the right thing, because it leads you to God.

And when you follow and accomplish God’s will, then  it makes your way perfect as well!

In other words, following God’s perfect way makes your way perfect!

“The one who does God’s will remains forever” (1 John 2:17, HCSB).

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