Playing in the Big Leagues – Jeremiah 12:5

BaseballBatter“If you have raced with men on foot, and they have wearied you, how will you compete with horses?” (Jeremiah 12:5, ESV).

When Jeremiah began to prophesy about the apostasy of Judah and its future captivity, he received death threats from the people in his hometown of Anathoth. Jeremiah complained to God about this persecution and this verse is the beginning of God’s response to Jeremiah.

God asked Jeremiah, if he is so distressed by the men of Anathoth (“men on foot”), how does he expect to deliver God’s message to the king, the court, and the priests at Jerusalem (“horses,” understood as “men on horses”)?

God is essentially telling Jeremiah (pardon the baseball metaphor), if you can’t compete in the minors, how do you expect to make it to the big leagues?

In our walk with God we sometimes act like we are playing in the bush leagues. We aren’t spiritually developed enough to handle the big issues of life. After all, my problems shouldn’t so big for as insignificant a Christian as I am. Who do you think I am God, the Apostle Paul?

But the reality of following Jesus is that there’s no such thing as amateur Christians. You can’t be semi-pro.

There’s no minor leagues in God’s big baseball game. When you got Jesus, you stepped into the big-time! You’re either a big league Christian or you’re not on the team.  Because it’s God’s team you are playing on now!

So, when you encounter problems or troubles, don’t complain about their difficulty, don’t make excuses, don’t lose focus on the game or the position you play on the team.

Instead, ask God to give you the ability to make the big play, to hit a home run. And not just a home run, but a grand slam so some of your teammates will score as well!

God wants you to join Him on His team. But His team is in the major leagues. He has some important matters for you to play out. Matters of life and death for you to handle for Him.

Don’t let the routine problems of life stifle you or prevent you from accomplishing the plans and purposes God has established for you.

Because you’re playing in the big leagues now!

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