Great Faith, Miracles Occur – Matthew 8:10

“When Jesus heard this, he was amazed. Turning to those who were following him, he said, “I tell you the truth, I haven’t seen faith like this in all Israel.” Jesus was amazed because a Roman army officer requested Him simply to speak words of healing for his servant from where He was at rather than coming to the sick servant. While the officer’s faith was pretty amazing, so was his perception of Jesus. The Roman officer recognized that Jesus had the power and authority of God. Jesus recognized that the officer had the prerequisite faith to receive God’s help. This faith had a certain quality/quantity because it is the kind of faith that sets in motion the power of God. It is great faith; it is supernatural power-activating faith! In addition to the great faith of the Roman officer with a sick servant there are several examples of people who exercised great, supernatural power-activating faith:

  • a woman who had suffered with constant bleeding for twelve years (“Your faith has made you well.” – Matthew 9:22)
  • two blind men who followed Jesus and shouted out for Him to heal them (“Because of your faith, it will happen.” – Matthew 9:29)
  • a Gentile woman with a possessed daughter (“Your faith is great.” – Matthew 15:28)
  • some men who let down a paralytic man on a mat through the roof of a building where Jesus was teaching (“Seeing their faith…” – Luke 5:20)

These all did something and/or said something that demonstrated a level of faith that caused Jesus to acknowledge their faith and take supernatural action in response to their faith. When you have faith that can be seen, it commands God’s attention. And when there is great faith, miracles occur!

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