Living for the Future in the Present – Matthew 4:17

“From then on Jesus began to preach, Repent of your sins and turn to God, for the Kingdom of Heaven is near.” When the ministry of Jesus formally inaugurated the Kingdom of God on Earth as described in this verse, what was formerly distant, far away, or out of reach to humanity came close, intimate, and available to every individual human being. Jesus declared that God’s Kingdom is so close one can personally encounter it. Jesus taught that the Kingdom of God is a spiritual nation that is active in this world to prepare His disciples for a heavenly Kingdom coming in the future. Many Christians struggle with how to prepare for their eternal future in the present. When you become a citizen or subject of God’s Kingdom, the old order of your life passes away and is displaced by God’s Kingdom ruling over your life. The redemptive power of God’s rule and reign enables a new way of living where your hope for an eternal future impacts the way your live in the present reality.

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