The Cost of Disobedience – I Kings 13

God sent a prophet from Judah to King Jeroboam of Israel to rebuke him for building altars for sacrifice other than at the temple in Jerusalem. The prophet pronounced that the altar at Bethel would be torn down because it was an improper altar. Jeroboam attempted to curry favor with the prophet possibly to get the curse on the altar reversed by inviting the prophet to dine with him. The prophet delivered his message and was commanded by God to return immediately to Judah using a different road than the one he came on, perhaps to prevent the possibility of others corrupting the prophet. However, the prophet stops over at another so-called prophet’s house and dines with him before returning to Judah. The first prophet then was killed by a lion along the road as he returned to Judah and was buried in a tomb in Israel rather than with his own family in Judah. True prophecy will bring forth the judgment it promises. When God speaks to you, don’t revise His plans to suit your own needs or pride and don’t let others persuade you otherwise, because even God’s own prophets, if they are disobedient, cannot escape God’s judgment.

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