A Lesson from the Almond Tree – Jeremiah 1:12

“Then the LORD said to me, ‘You have seen well, for I am watching over my word to perform it.” The almond tree is native to the Mediterranean area of the Middle East and was the first tree to bud in the spring, and so it was said to “watch for spring.” Jeremiah had a vision and God asked Jeremiah, “What do you see?” Jeremiah’s response and God’s reply are a play on words to make an important point about Jeremiah’s future ministry. The Hebrew word for almond sounds like the Hebrew word for watching. Jeremiah says he sees an almond branch, and God says He is watching over His word to perform it. In other words, God’s word is alive and active and so His words will become actions. Jeremiah can expect that when he speaks God’s words, the words will come true because they are of divine origin (vs. 9–10). God is still watching over His word today, putting His words into actions. When you study God’s word and speak His word to others, His word has power to transform the lives of those hearing it and speaking it

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