What Is Your Reaction to the Cross? – Luke 23:44-49

Jesus had just been crucified and though crucifixion is meant to be a slow form of death, Jesus died after just three hours. At the point of His death He called out, “Father, into your hands I commit my spirit” (vs. 46). Reactions to Jesus death by three groups present at the crucifixion are recorded by Luke. A Roman centurion who had witnessed the whole event proclaimed Jesus’ must truly be the Son of God (vs. 47; cf Matthew 27:54). The crowds of Jews that had gathered to watch His crucifixion left feeling sorrow over His death (vs. 48). Jesus’ friends just watched helplessly from a distance (vs. 49). What is your reaction to Jesus’ death? Are you just watching from a distance, feeling sympathetic but going on with your life, or are you embracing its significance for your life–the Son of God died for you so you can live eternally with God?

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