What Makes a Great Nation? – Deuteronomy 4:6-8

As Israel gathered itself on the east side of the Jordan River to enter the promised land, Moses delivered an exhortation to persuade and convince the people of Israel to go ahead and enter the land. Moses exhorted the people of Israel to learn the statutes delivered to him by God and to teach them to their children and their children’s children. By  keeping God’s commandments other nations will respect Israel and Israel’s God because of its “wise and understanding people” (vs. 6). Moses then identified two characteristics that could make Israel a great nation in the eyes of other nations: 1) recognizing that God is near and can be called upon at any and all times (vs. 7), and 2) demonstrating God’s righteousness by obeying His commands (vs. 8). If these characteristics made Israel great in ancient times, then wouldn’t an America that calls on God to guide it and expresses God’s righteousness by recognizing and abiding by God’s commands be great in the eyes of the nations of the world today?

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