Some Good Advice – Numbers 5:5-7

Many of the laws God decreed concerned the offering of sacrifices in the tabernacle as atonement for sin. Embedded in these acts of sacrifice were some fundamental principles for maintaining good relationships with God and other people. God told Moses to tell the people of Israel that when any one of them–man or woman–commits a sin against another person by stealing or embezzling his property and lying about it, then he breaks faith with God and his neighbor. The person who stole and lied should confess his or her sin and make restitution to the the person to whom the wrong was done (or a family member) with an additional 20% added to the restitution; yes, pay restitution plus 20%. This still seems like sound advice: confess your sin to the one you have wronged and to God and do what is necessary plus more to make it right..

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