A Government You Can Trust – Psalm 146

You should give praise to the Lord, yes praise to the Lord, the Psalmist says, because His Kingdom is eternally powerful and benevolent–it’s a government you can trust! The Psalmist says not to trust in the leaders of the governments of this world because they are human and when they die (or are deposed) their plans perish with them. But those who place their confidence in God’s Kingdom for the present and future are blessed because God rules righteously, justly, and mercifully. He will:

  • execute justice for the oppressed
  • give food to the hungry
  • set the prisoners free
  • open the eyes of the blind
  • uplift those who are distressed
  • love the righteous
  • protect the foreigners among us
  • care for the widow and orphan
  • frustrate the plans of those who are corrupt

Because God’s Kingdom is eternal and never-ending, then you should completely trust Him and, of course, give Him your praise!

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