Truth Versus Political Correctness – Mark 11:27-33

The authority of Jesus is called into question by the Jewish religious leaders. When asked from where did He receive His authority, Jesus answered these religious leaders by asking them  a similar question: From where did John the Baptist receive his authority? Rather than answering His question truthfully or factually, they searched for a politically correct (PC) response: “They discussed it among themselves … ” (vs. 31). Why did Jesus’ simple question require a committee meeting to determine the correct response? Was there more than one right answer?  The Jewish religious leaders had a political agenda to discredit Jesus and they knew if they responded one way to Jesus’ question then they would be discredited and if they responded another way then they would be criticized.  Lord, let me strive for truth, righteousness, and goodness, and not political correctness; let me live a life of conviction, not compromise.

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